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Buying a Company? Think assets or shares - January 31, 2014

When contemplating the purchase of a business, a due diligence investigation is important in order to highlight the benefits and pitfalls... Read More

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Better to agree now than fall out later - July 12, 2013

A shareholders’ agreement is an important document that governs the way shareholders of a corporation deal with each other and the myriad of events that can occur over the lifetime of the business... Read More

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Determining estimated earning capacity - April 26, 2013

When preparing an income loss report resulting from injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident or
slip-and-fall incident, determining the plaintiff's estimated earning capacity is an important component...
Read More

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When Catastrophe Strikes - March 8, 2013

In the course of doing business, a company may be affected by an insurable loss, such as a fire, flood, equipment failure or explosion... Read More

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Selling a Troubled Business - Fall 2013

You've got to build the job description by knowing what you're doing today and answering what are the skills that are necessary... Read More

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Selling Up - Spring 2013

Even in tough times, there's a market for a good business - but plan ahead. Selling a business can be a daunting task - even when the stars are perfectly aligned and economic conditions are ripe... Read More